LimeSDR Mini

Table of contents

  1. Specifications
  2. Device Fingerprint
  3. Firmware Sources
  4. Supported Software
  5. Command Line Tools

Smaller version of the LimeSDR USB with almost half the specifications. More information about this device can be found on the Myriad Wiki.


Specification Value
Frequency Range 10 - 3500 MHz
Bandwidth Up to 30.72 Msps (Stable)
ADC Resolution 12-bits
USB Speed 3.0 (FT601)
TX Mode Yes
Duplex Full
Crystal Rakon TCXO (4.0 ppm stable)
Bias-T No

Device Fingerprint

$ lsusb
Bus 020 Device 009: ID 0403:601f Future Technology Devices International Limited LimeSDR Mini  Serial: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Firmware Sources

Supported Software

  • GNURadio
  • GQRX
  • LimeUtil
  • LimeVNA
  • SDRAngel
  • Soapy Remote

Command Line Tools

  • LimeQuickTest