LimeNET Micro

Table of contents

  1. Specifications
  2. Firmware Sources
  3. Supported Software
  4. Command Line Tools

This device is a computer based on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Compute Module with a built-in LimeSDR Micro. The SDR specifications are almost identical with some exceptions like the addition of a more precise oscillation crystal. This radio also has an GPSDO based on the Ublox NEO-M8T. More information about this device can be found on the Myriad Wiki.


Specification Value
Frequency Range 10 - 3500 MHz
Bandwidth Up to 10 Msps (Stable)
ADC Resolution 12-bits
USB Speed 2.0 (FT601)
TX Mode Yes
Duplex Full
Crystal Rakon OCXO (+/-5 ppb)
Bias-T No

Firmware Sources

Supported Software

  • GNURadio
  • GQRX
  • LimeUtil
  • LimeVNA
  • SDRAngel
  • Soapy Remote

Command Line Tools

  • LimeQuickTest